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Principal’s Post

Posted by admin | | Monday 31 October 2011 1:45 pm

This week at Central we have begun the first round of MAP testing for all students.  The MAP assessment is given three times a year.  The acronym for MAP is Measures of Academic Progress and this assessment is designed to measure student growth throughout the year.  Each grade level has a goal score know as the RIT.  Once we have completed this round of testing, you will receive a letter showing your child’s score (RIT) as well as the beginning -year goal.  The MAP assessment is administered using computers.

Our students have been busy working with another computer based program in math known as VMath.  This program was purchased by the District and is designed to reinforce math skills as well as coordinate with math content that is being taught in the classroom.  Another component that the students really love is the opportunity to compete with students around the world in real time.  We are very excited to have this program and believe our students will benefit as they continue to develop their math skills.


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