Communication is Key!

Recently, fifth grade students have been working on a reading project and presenting them to the class to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.  Darryl Terry, from Kentucky Bank, came on December 16 to speak with Miss Terry’s class about the importance of public speaking and communication in today’s world.  Click READ MORE to see more

While speaking, Mr. Terry emphasized the importance of being a good communicator and how these skills help in school, daily life, and in future careers.  He continued to speak about how much public speaking he does and demonstrated how to keep the audience’s attention.  Mr. Terry also gave a small history lesson and discussed important figures throughout history who were good communicators.  He provided various examples to keep students engaged and learning!  Students were each given various coins as President Jefferson and F. Roosevelt were discussed.  Miss Terry’s students were excited to have a guest speaker in class and are anxious for Mr. Terry to come back and teach a history lesson!  They are also ready to present more projects to their peers!

Strode Station would like to thank Mr. Terry for taking time to spend with our students.  What a great message he delivered.