Way to Go Stallions!!

WOW! How amazing are our kids, families, and staff at Strode Station? For two weeks our school worked toward our $500.00 goal of raising money for Pennies for Patients. Not only did we meet this goal in 3 days but our grand total of money raised and donated was $1,849.36! 
To add to this accomplishment, we had 7 classes raise more than $100.00. Each of these 7 classes have received a Bronze Champion Banner to proudly hang in their classrooms to show just how hard they worked. Within these 7 classes, 4 were 2nd grade!  
And last, but certainly not least, Mrs. Carol’s 2nd grade homeroom was our big winner. They were able to raise $149.75 and win a pizza party and Lillian Losh was chosen to put a pie in Ms. McGrath’s face.  Way to go! We are so proud of each of our Stallions and how much they care for others.